Recirculating Animal Watering Systems

  • Continuous UV Sterilization
  • Sustainable Design
  • Chemical Free

Systems Engineering SE Lab Group

For over 50 years we have supplied laboratory animal watering systems that include:

• A Dedication to supplying our customers with reliable products and service.

• An appreciation for the investment and value of each research animal.

• Simple and effective circulating systems that are easy to maintain and operate.

• Drinking water that is free of chemicals and contaminants that could affect animals and research.

• Installation of a turnkey system completed or overseen by our trained professionals with timely response to service and follow-up needs.

Our sales/engineering team has become a valuable resource to our clients by providing advanced facility planning and design support as they work with lab planners, architects, and engineers.  We also provide installation and service of our systems.

One of the key components of automated watering is a reliable drinking valve that will operate consistently, assuring your animals have access to fresh water without flooding the cage.  We led the

industry in 1989 with the introduction of the first drinking valve mounted inside the cage.

The L-2000 Valve has changed the industries’ perspective on automation.

It features a bedding resistant shutter disk that has reduced the number of wet or flooded cages to 1 every 300,000 days for our customers.  The L-2000 Valve can be autoclaved with the cage, up to 272º F, making sanitization easy. It is precision manufactured with 316 stainless steel and has an operating range of 0.5 to 5 psi.  No other valve can match the design and performance of this valve.

Our rack manifolds are available on all cage systems.  Be sure to specify our system when ordering your animal caging and rack systems.

SE Lab Group Catalog

Autoclavable & Reusable animal transport boxes

• Made from rigid 3 mm thick white polypropylene AKYLUX ®

• Durable/light/reusable/recyclable and more rigid than cardboard

 • Washable and autoclavable at 121⁰ C (250⁰ F) for 20 minutes

 • Easily divide boxes into 2 or 4 compartments

Napa Nectar™

The most widely used sterile water gel for laboratory animal hydration

     •  USDA approved ingredients

     •  Moisture content 99.35% by volume

     •  Non-refrigerated shelf life of 24 months

     •  Packaged in a disposable inert poly pouch

If you are having valve leak problems with other manufactured valves, please contact us and learn more about our L-2000™ Valve Retrofit Program for your rack watering system.

3 Levels of Safety

  1.  Rigid disc to protect the valve from bedding
  2. Spring loaded drinking lever stops drinks from pressure changes.
  3. Internal mesh screen to prevent cage wash debris from entering valve.