TOMI SteraMist® iHP® (Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide)

Automated decontamination solutions for your facility with full room treatment as quick as 45 minutes

How does SteraMist patented cold plasma activation work?

TOMI™ SteraMist® Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP®) is a revolutionary game changing decontamination technology which uses only 7.8% H2O2 with efficacy against spores, bacteria and viruses. Safe, easy to use and leaves no by products or residue. Steramist was designed to field deploy as needed for decontamination needs which may arise.

SteraMist is changing the way facilities decontaminate.  At ProEx we are the manufacturers sales force and the experts with ionized hydrogen peroxide (iHP®) having represented the technology since 2013. 

We work to understand your specific facility requirements and customize the iHP process to meet your needs.  Safe and easy to use with only 7.8% Hydrogen Peroxide (that a little more than twice what is in your medicine cabinet) as the sole active ingredient to achieve a 99.9999% reduction of most pathogens.  Quicker room turnover, better materials compatibility and a cleaner facility.  

TOMI SteraMist is EPA registered as a disinfectant and is literally a game changing technology which uses Reactive Oxygen Species, particularly a hydroxil radical, to achieve such an effective kill.  Unlike any other hydrogen peroxide decontamination system in the world we are taking the industry by storm.

ProEx is the Factory Sales Representative (MD, DC, DE, VA & PA). TOMI™ Environmental Solutions, Inc. is a global bacteria decontamination and infectious disease control company. 

Binary Ionization Technology®(BIT.), branded as Steramist® is a direct offspring of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Steramist is an EPA registered combination solution and application technology for use as a hospital-healthcare disinfectant using a low concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide (less than 7.8% EPA registration # 90150-2). State registration pending.

SteraMist is EPA registered on List N for emerging pathogens like SARS CoV-2 Coronavirus

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DARPA has given birth to many game changing technologies, such as stealth fighters, M16 assault rifles, and the internet. Steramist BIT™ is a technology with a strong foundation.

Developed in response to the anthrax attacks after 9-11, Steramist is a patented two-step process that aerosolizes and activates a low concentration hydrogen peroxide solution (7.8%) producing a fine aqueous mist that contains a high concentration of Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS). ROS cause damage to pathogenic organisms via mechanisms such as oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids leading to cellular disruption and/or dysfunction.

The unique physiochemistry of the Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (IHP™) allows these ROS to exist in high concentrations without rapidly recombining and losing their reactivity. Testing detailed by DARPA demonstrates these ROS, which include the hydroxyl ion and radical, aggressively break the double bonds in biological and chemical warfare agents (BWA and CWA) neutralizing their threat and producing nontoxic byproducts.

The Steramist system was made to deploy and respond to decontamination needs quickly and effectively. There is no other system like this on the market.

Featured TOMI™ SteraMist® Products


The SteraMist® iHP® Surface Unit (HHA-101) is the world’s only fully portable hand-held decontamination system  that does not require the heating ventilation or air conditioning systems to be turned off. It is the safest and easiest process to make certain that your facilities and assets are remediated to the maximum extent possible.  Steramist was made to deploy against tough pathogens like Coronavirus and other invisible dangers.  Manual cleaning is not always effective and can miss as much as 40% of germs.  With Steramist’s nano sized particles we get them all.  Steramist produces particles as small as .05 microns which is nanometers in size and moves and acts like a gas enabling penetration in to cracks and crevices which can’t be wiped.

This single applicator Surface unit enables decontamination of all surfaces – including high touch surfaces and sensitive electronic equipment. The room is safe to enter within minutes after the activated mist has been terminated. The dwell time is seconds, allowing for short total treatment time and therefore quick room turnover.

The SteraMist Surface is lightweight, easy to transport, and capable of achieving consistent, control of mold during mold remediation and a six log (99.9999%) kill of many pathogens, viruses and spores. Further, SteraMist Surface is economical, non-corrosive, nonpolluting, and easy to apply.

Ideal for use:


Raw material entry decon


Barrier points


Fill/finish equipment


Hard to reach areas


Vehicle decontamination & disinfection (EPA registered for Ambulance disinfection)


Does not over wet and safe on electronics


Point and spray system with six log efficacy easy to use


Steramist Surface Unit – Portable Disinfection

The SteraMist® iHP® Environment Unit (TPO-300) is a transportable remediation system that can provide complete air and surface mold remediation of a sealed space of up to 103.8m3 (3,663 ft3). Individually, each remote applicator can be used to treat a space of approximately 34.6m3 (1,221 ft3). More than one SteraMist™ Environment System can be used to accommodate larger spaces.

The SteraMist™ Environment System is remotely controlled and self-contained, allowing for safe, consistent, air and surface mold remediation. The SteraMist™ Environment is easy to transport and configurable to treat multiple spaces simultaneously and is capable of achieving a six log kill (99.9999%) of viruses, pathogens and spores (including H1N1, MRSA, C. diff and more).

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Steramist Environment System

The SteraPak® iHP® Backpack Unit

The newest addition to the SteraMist line of disinfection products. Technology developed by DARPA and powered by nature, the SteraPak delivers uncompromising efficacy that goes anywhere you go to provide an unprecedented level of control over your disinfection application. Perfect for a wide variety of industries and endless use sites!

It’s all about the particle size!  SteraPak particles are much smaller than electro static sprayers which produce 40 micron size droplets.  SteraPak particles range from .04 to 3 microns in size.  Moving and acting like a gas StteraPak penetrates cracks and crevices with minimal chemical usage.

SteraPak Back Pack Unit



Cordless and compact


Non-corrosive H2O2 application allows for superior material compatibility


Reach the smallest of areas with a six-log efficacy and a .04-3 micron particle size


Eco-friendly disinfection kills pathogens on contact


No mixing, no wiping, no rinsing required – just insert solution and spray with almost limitless applications


Exclusively compatible with BIT solution 7.8% H2O2 non-hazardous solution


SteraMist’s move-like-a-gas approach and submicron size is a win-win combination.


Microscopic particle sizes allow SteraMist to totally encompass the size of a virus and bacteria, no matter where they hide.


Charged submicron droplets created by cold plasma technology naturally attach to surfaces within the treated area.


Cold Plasma Technology naturally ionizes H2O2 compound, causing the fine aerosol to become charged and attach to all surfaces with no outside kinetic interaction required.


The Binary Ionization Technology® (BIT™) Solution is for use exclusively with the Steramist® Environment System and the Steramist® Surface Unit for (hospital) disinfection of rooms.  SteraMist Binary Ionization Technology® (BIT™) Solution should be applied by properly trained personnel who are thoroughly trained in the use, safety, and operation of the SteraMist Environment System and SteraMist Surface Unit and Binary Ionization Technology® (BIT™) Solution Application Process.

Binary Ionization Technology® (BIT™) Solution is for use as a hospital disinfectant on hard non-porous surfaces, and is not intended for use on textiles or hard porous surfaces. Binary Ionization Technology® (BIT™) Solution has been registered with TOMI™ Environmental Solutions, Inc. in accordance with Federal Regulations for the specific uses described on the product label, in this package insert, and the SteraMist User Manuals. Uses other than what is specified and described in these materials are not permitted.

Facility Decontamination Service

What Is TOMI Service?

Our expert trained technicians can be on site for emergency service or for routine scheduled disinfection.   We provide innovative solutions for the disinfection of the complete room in a wide variety of residential & commercial settings utilizing TOMI’s SteraMist Binary Ionization Technology® (BIT™).  The best part is we use a non-hazardous chemical with just 7.8% H2O2 and will be done at your facility in 1/4 of the time it would take to use other competitive Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions.

Decontamination for equipment or whole facility:


Cleanrooms and Research Labs


Pharmaceutical Production Environments


Service & Technical Areas (HEPA filters)


Material pass through rooms & Corridors


Safety Cabinets, Isolators, Vivarium Caging, Decommissioned Equipment


Complimentary Site Survey & Technical Review


Customized Decontamination Plan including protocols and methods unique to your facility.


Final Report Provided After Decontamination

What Do We Do?

SteraMist® iHP® provides two-stage rapid disinfection as a consistent preventative measure, as well as a corrective disinfection to contaminated areas.

A SteraMist® application eliminates bacteria on hard, non-porous surfaces, and biologically deactivates problem microorganisms. This service is provided to hospitals, doctors, dentists & chiropractors offices, churches, colleges, & schools, municipalities, athletic clubs & gymnasiums, senior housing, day care centers, and much more.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has registered the TOMI patented Binary Ionization Technology (BIT™) as a two-stage rapid disinfection system for use as a healthcare-hospital disinfectant (EPA registration no. 90150-2). TOMI’s SteraMist brand of products is powered by BIT and addresses a myriad of important applications in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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